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Study in Bangladesh

Study opportunities in Bangladesh

It was a bad time for Bangladesh even in the decades of 90s when the Bangladeshi students had to leave the country to pursue higher education. In fact, the school level education was not up to the mark the in that time. But the situation is changed now, and the students of Bangladesh prefer staying in their own country to pursue education – and even the higher studies. A huge door opens for the students after passing the higher secondary or 10+2 level board examination. Some of the most popular study opportunities in Bangladesh are –

Medical studies
The field of medical study is considered as one of the most prestigious fields of higher study in Bangladesh. Graduate, Post-graduate, doctoral level of medical study opportunities are there in Bangladesh. There are many public medical colleges and universities in Bangladesh, which are popular among the students.

Technical studies
Technical studies like engineering are getting a quick popularity in Bangladesh. Almost all kinds of engineering streams are available in Bangladesh including mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, computer engineering etc. Masters’ level education on technical subjects are also available in Bangladesh.

Management studies
Along with the increasing popularity of the management courses all over the world, Bangladesh is also providing top quality management education. There are almost 800 business schools in Bangladesh. Specializations on subjects like marketing, HR, or retail management are available in Bangladesh.
Apart from the mentioned courses, there are many more career oriented study opportunities in Bangladesh. For an example, the mass appeal for the traditional language subjects and other subjects are intact in Bangladesh. As the students are getting interested in pursuing higher studies, the financial institutes are coming ahead to provide them the educational loans. In fact, Bangladesh is becoming pretty popular destination for the foreign students of lower economic background.


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